Web Design Trends in 2018

web design

The demand for web designs has never been higher before. Having a website at this era is highly critical for your business as this brings more awareness to your brand and affects sales. One of the essential ingredients for having a website is to have a great web design to attract potential customers. If you’re looking to update or revamp your existing site, you’ll need to have an updated design. Below are some of the upcoming web design trends for this year that you can incorporate to your existing or new site.


Videos are taking over all the platforms on the internet. They are all over social media pages, and most websites are incorporating a short promotional video about their business. You’ll need to jump in the bandwagon and make sure to add a video to your site as visitors are more favourable of video rather than reading your text.


Bold typography has remained in trend for the past few years, and they won’t be going anytime soon. Many websites are using bold typography to make their wording stand out more and to highlight important messages they want users to read.

Scrolling Effects

Scrolling effects are becoming widely used in many business sites. The background of the site remains fixed while scrolling down the page. Furthermore, a one-page site with scrolling effects is also highly popular at the moment. Previously, parallax scrolling was in trend. However, this affects the loading time of the website which is a disadvantage for SEO and attracting customers.

Fixed Header

Many websites are now incorporating a fixed navigation header. The top header remains fixed whenever you go to a different page on the website. It’s an advantage for users as they can quickly navigate to specific pages on the site. Fixed social media icons are also being integrated into many websites.