Dell Laptops For Web Developers

It’s no surprise that Dell computers are primarily designed with Windows in mind, since Microsoft remains in a position of power within the market and almost every professional programmer is used to working with Windows. However, Dell have also launched two laptops aimed squarely at developers – the XPS 13 and Precision M3800 – and the most striking feature of these new models is that they run Ubuntu.

This is not really that shocking since Ubuntu have a long history of working closely with Dell to get their system onto machines that are designed to support it fully. These devices mark the fourth generation of Dell laptops that have been specifically designed to work with Ubuntu, and again they have been planned and manufactured with professional developers in mind. The cloud computing features offered by the operating system fit in well with what Dell has been leaning towards in recent years, and this is something developers have benefitted from with previous generations of similar laptops.

Starting with the XPS 13, so named for its borderless, 13-inch “infinity screen”, this model comes packed with high end features that are optimised to work with a Ubuntu system. It’s extremely light and portable for its size, meaning it’s ideal if your work requires a lot of moving around. Meanwhile, the Precision M3800 boasts a 4K ultra high definition display and its specifications are clearly designed as a direct competitior for the MacBook Pro, optimised for 3D graphics work. Slightly larger than the XPS with a mid-sized 15-inch screen, this is also a practical and portable machine thanks to its thin, lightweight design.

If you’re a professional coder or programmer and you’re getting frustrated with the limitations of having to work on either Windows or OSX, now could be the time to invest in one of these great Dell models and make the switch. There are plenty of benefits to be enjoyed, and the specifications of these computers can blow most of the competition in the same price band out of the water.