Are Apple computers essential for web developers?

In most of the biggest tech companies in the world, Apple computers are the accepted norm for anything work related. Even at Microsoft, Macs are favoured! But what are the benefits for programmers and developers of sticking with PCs running Windows, Linux or something else entirely when stacked up against Apple’s advantages?

Apple probably offer the best all-round support for a variety of different platforms from the get-go. Using a Mac you can develop software or websites for iOS, Android and pretty much any desktop operating system without any special configurations. Essential tools widely used in creative professions such as Adobe CC suite are fully available and compatible with Macs, which is a great benefit over something like Linux. Ultimately for many designers and developers, it comes down to the sleek and attractive designs of Apple laptops and devices, since their aesthetic is so integral to the power of the tech giant’s brand and represents everything the operating system stands for when it comes to slick, reliable efficiency.

You will probably reach the point where a Mac becomes impractical if your development work calls for the regular use of Microsoft’s .NET technology, since running a dual boot system and switching between OSX and Windows to work on systems that Apple doesn’t support can get inconvenient very quickly. DirectX and SQL server support are also missing on a Mac, requiring time-consuming workarounds. Microsoft still has a massive market share, with over 4 in every 5 computers running Windows, so at some point in your work as a professional developer it’s extremely likely that you’ll need to work on a PC to build the required systems to finish the job.

If your speciality is gaming then you’re almost certainly going to be very limited by choosing Apple over Microsoft, so opting for a high-performance Sony or Dell model is likely to serve you better. An added advantage of going for a highly advanced PC such as this might be the choice of customisable elements available, and the complete freedom to change your hardware configuration to suit your requirements. Apple are notoriously difficult about people making fundamental changes to their machines, even if they paid a hefty sum for them in the first place. For heavy development work that requires specific hardware, a non-Apple solution is likely to work out best for you.